Book as clarification for all things

And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims.
– Al Quran 18:69

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The doers of good..

Those who spend (in cause of Allah) in ease as well as in hardship,and those who restrain (their) anger and pardon men; and Allah loves the doers of good (to others)
-Al Quran 3:134


Sacredness of a believer

It was narrated that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr said:
“I saw the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) circumambulating the Ka’bah and saying: ‘How good you are and how good your fragrance; how great you are and how great your sanctity. By the One in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad, the sanctity of the believer is greater before Allah than your sanctity, his blood and his wealth, and to think anything but good of him.’”
[Sunan Ibn Majah]

Ibn Majah 36-7